• Image of Team Building In The Forest

Father Futureback is a talented artist who has created an exquisite ink drawing for you. The drawing depicts a flipover, situated amidst a serene forest setting. The intricate details and fine lines bring the scene to life, capturing the beauty of nature.

The size of the ink drawing is 18cm x 24cm, making it a compact yet captivating piece of art. The drawing comes framed, adding a touch of elegance and allowing you to display it easily.

Considering the effort and dedication put into creating this artwork, the cost of the drawing is set at 152 euros. It reflects the artistic value and the time Father Futureback invested in perfecting this unique creation.

If you decide to acquire this artwork, you'll not only own a beautiful piece but also support the talent and hard work of Father Futureback, allowing him to continue pursuing his artistic endeavors.